Frequently Asked Questions

Is every new employee eligible?
Training participants must meet the Workforce Investment Act eligibility criteria. We’ll take care of determining eligibility.
How long does it take to set up?
Just a few business days, depending on the employer/employee response time.
How is the reimbursement calculated?
Reimbursement is based on wage level and training difficulty as determined by the Department of Labor. The determined reimbursement is to cover the costs of training and supervision, as well as to compensate for expected lower productivity of a trainee versus a more experienced employee.
When do I receive the training reimbursement?
Submit an invoice monthly and receive each payment within approximately 3-4 weeks.
Are part-time positions eligible?
No, must be a permanent, full time position. Part-time, seasonal, grant-funded or temporary positions not eligible.
Are OJT Trainees eligible for overtime?
Yes, but overtime is reimbursed for straight pay and not time and a half.
Is training only 6 months?
Not every position is qualified for 6 months of training. Approved training plan depends on the occupation and duties as determined by OhioMeansJobs Montgomery County staff.
Will the training be monitored by Project Hire?
For auditing purposes, ALL approved OJT employees will be monitored periodically during their training period and at least once after the employee completes the training.
Can Project Hire funds be used for an existing employee who needs training?
No. OJT funds are for NEW HIRES only and applications must be completed on employee(s) before they begin working.
What are the eligibility requirements for employers?
Employers must be an established business (in business for 6 months or longer) and carry Workers Compensation Insurance.