Get Started in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Register Your Company

Submit the three simple forms below to register your company as a potential OJT employer before an employee can begin working. If your company has participated in the Project Hire OJT program before, please skip to Step 2.

Vendor License Application
Employer OJT Agreement
OJT Employer Checklist

Step 2: Recruit Your Employee

Employers can either self-recruit or utilize our free recruiting services.* If you have not self-recruited an employee, our OhioMeansJobs Montgomery County staffing specialists can save your company, on average, $3,073 in pre-screening and recruitment services. Simply contact us to post your job and narrow down the best candidate for you to interview!

If you have a potential employee already recruited, simply notify our office with the candidate’s name/contact information to get them scheduled for an eligibility assessment at our office or yours. OJT eligibility assessments consist of a 30-minute application process to determine WIA eligibility.

*Background check & drug testing are an additional charge. 

Step 3: Enroll Your Approved Employee

Once you are notified that your self-recruit employee is eligible or select one of our pre-screened candidates, submit the OJT Agreement and Training Plan to begin the enrollment process. We have sample training plans and templates available for you to follow, so the paperwork is a breeze! The turnaround time for all application approvals is typically 48 hours, depending on the employer/employee response time.

Step 4: Begin Training and Get Paid

Once the OJT application is approved, begin training your new hire on-the-job and submit your monthly invoices for reimbursement of the allotted training funds!